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Calculate heat load for equipment

The formular used in this calculator is: ?otal BTU = ?? ∗ 3.4 Were ?? is the total amount of Watts of equipment Remember that you can’t calculate BTU for an amplifier, you can...

DE15 pinout - Female

VGA explained

VGA connectors is also called DE15 or HD15 Video Graphics Array (VGA) was developed by IBM in 1987, and can only transport analog signal, it was designed to show a resolution of 640×480 with...


What is HDMI and which versions are there?

HDMI also called High Definition Multimedia Interface, is use to transport digital high resolution video and multichannel audio over a single cable, it can also control TV and monitors through the cable. HDMI is based...


HDMI explained

Want to know the very basic of HDMI in short time, then this video is really good: